Builtin Modules

Many functionality is offered by a number of builtin modules, as Math, for mathematics functions, or Marshal, to transform complex objects into a single string. Some builtin modules are listed in the following table

Name Content
Kernel Implements main methods and statements
Comparable Methods for comparisons
Enumerable A lot of iterators
Marshal Data serialization
Math Mathematical functions
Process System process management
Signal System signal processing

Standard Library

What is not implemented into the languages or the builtin modules is into a standard library, structured into modules and distributed along with the language; there are about hundred modules in the standard library, in the following table a list of some modules.

CGI Common gateway interface
CSV for CSV files
Curses To deal with textual interfaces
Digest compute digests
erb html template (used also by rails)
find the unix find utility
gserver for tcp net servers
ipaddr for tcp/ip addresses
json json parser and writer
logger messages to the system
matrix vector and matrixes in Ruby
net/ftp ftp client
net/http httpd client
net/imap imap client
net/pop pop client
net/smtp to send mail
net/telnet remote connection
socket socket implementation
openssl ssl sockets connection
rss parse rss streams
scanf the scanf function of the C language
set for the set algebra
shellwords split a phrase in an array of words
singleton makes a class with a single instance
socket BSD sockets for network applications
syslog writes on the system syslog
tempfile temporary files management
tk interface to the tk language
webrick http server
xmlrpc xmlrpc implementation
yaml yaml parser and serializer
zlib for file compression
marshal to serialize using binary files
gems virtual environments and gems management