Drupal 8 installation and configuration:
an example site


We have seen how a simple Drupal site can be installed, configured and filled with some contents. Drupal has a lot of features we have not covered here, as the building of themes, plugins, multi-site, multi-language, all the details of views and more. We have only made a simple, and naive, installation to evaluate the product.

Drupal is a good product, much better than many other CMS and can be the right choice for a serious web site. It only lack few features to be not only a CMS, but also a platform to develop web applications.

But we can also understand why Wordpress is so successful. Drupal is, with no doubt, much better, but only the browsing of all the configuration options takes a longer time than installing two or three Wordpress sites. In Drupal it's easy to make configuration errors and you have to carefully "debug" your site before it can be moved to a "production" phase. In Wordpress there is virtually nothing to configure: you install a theme, and that's all. If something goes wrong, you change theme or add plugins, and most time you will find something that "seems" to have solved your problem 😊.

In a fast changing world, where everyone is pressed, all is fast and immediate and technical knowledge is uncommon (also for professionals), quality doesn't matter and the easier tool is the winner. So, if you need something fast and easy go to Wordpress, if you need something more reliable and configurable use Drupal, but you will have to work harder.