Drupal 8 installation and configuration:
an example site


Drupal contents can be classified by a hierarchical structure of terms: a single content can be associated to one or more terms and each term can have an associated web page where all the related contents are shown. The aspect of this page can be configured in a detailed way. In this example we will use this feature to show contents to visitor.

The first thing to do is the creation of a dictionary for our terms. This can be done by accessing to the "Taxonomy" menu, in the "Structure" section.

Drupal dictionaries
We have the "Tags" vocabulary pre-defined; we will use this to add keywords for our web pages, but for our classification we will create a new vocabulary. Clicking on the apposite button we get the page shown in the image below: we have to give a name and a description to the new vocabulary.
Drupal dictionaries
Then we are lead to the page for the configuration of the new dictionary and we have to add terms. You have to carefully plan the structure of your site before creating the term hierarchy; it can be always changed, but you must edit all single content to change the associated terms.
Drupal dictionaries
Each term has some properties to be defined: